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Bobo, the Happy Lobster

On friday, 14th of November 2014, Bobo the happy lobster was inflated for the first time at Kubicek headquarters in Brno. It's a private owned balloon and he will travel around the world. Become friends with bobo via

Kubicek BB26E
SN 1111

Operated by
Geert Van Wolvelaer

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Flying skull

This flying skull was manufactured in just a few weeks by ABQ Hot Air.

Andrew Richardson Skull 105
SN 010

Operated by Volare

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Mr. Mariachi

ABQ Hot air keeps manufacturing new balloons. Yesterday they inflated this one for the first time.

Andrew Richardson Mariachi1
SN 017

Operated by Volare

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Also this one was manufactured by ABQ Hot Air and made his first appearance last week in Albuquerque.

Andrew Richardson Fishbowl
SN 008

Operated by ABQ Hot Air

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Rio Grande Raider

Offical presented on the AIBF a few days ago. This one was manufactured in only 25 days.

Andrew Richardson Ship-110
SN 004

Operated by ABQ Hot Air

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Yoda joins Darth Vader

Visitors from the AIBF got to see the first appearance on saturday morning. Next to Darth Vader a green creature started to inflate. The Belgian team from Benoit and Michel Lambert who operate the Darth Vader balloon for many years found it was time for good to meet evil in the skies. The last months Yoda was manufactured by Cameron Balloons and just before the AIBF it had his test inflation. Both balloons will be seen together at several festivals the next years.

Cameron Z-56
SN 11845

Operated by Pearl Balloon

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Speedy Snail is born

The team from Rubic Balloons has been working very hard the last weeks to get their new project ready just before the AIBF. Their Speedy Snail was born yesterday and ready to race to balloon festivals.

Rubic Balloons RUBIC III SNAIL
SN 091

Operated by Rubic Balloons

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Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) black diamond balloon

This new special shape balloon will debut at this year’s Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. It bears the black diamond of the fraternity Phi Gamma Delta and is being called the Fiji Balloon.
The balloon will be used to promote Greek life and will be displayed at other national events like the Rose Bowl, the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby and the Indy 500.
More information at

Cameron US FIJI-105
SN 6744

Operated by Rainbow Raiders

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Happy Orca

Yesterday happy orca was born in Brazil. The balloon has a volume of 3000m³ and will be operated by Air Fly.

SN ???

Operated by Air Fly balloons

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Flying heart

Sometimes we see a new balloon on the internet without any information. Our mission is to search for more information and then publish it. After a long search we discovered that this one was manufactured in January by the Russian company Rusbal. It is now operated by the Tochigi Balloon Club in Japan.


Operated by Tochigi Balloon

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A nice one again from Brazil. Manufactured by Libra Balloons this one will visit several festivals.


Operated by Libra

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Flying pinata

This balloon with a volume of 6000m³ is manufactured by Sepansa in Mexico and not yet registered yet. A pinata is a container often made of papier-mâché, pottery, or cloth which is decorated and filled with small toys or candy. During a celebration the Penata is broken as part of a ceremony.

not registered

Operated by Vuela en globo

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Galleon for Captain Morgan

In november 2013 this balloon was manufactured and and already registered. his week the giant ship arrived in Skanderborg, Denmark for the music festival Smukfest where it has been tethering throughout the day. The Galleon will be flying over the main stages of the festival in the evenings, carrying several lucky prize winners!

G-MORG (ex OK-2027)
sn 1027

Operated by Exclusive

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Tiki the fish

During the winter this homebuild balloon with add-ons was manufactured by Bill Whelan. Bill also manufactured the Queen Bee and Bunch of Bees in 2013. The balloon will visit the yearly Gatineau balloon festival.

sn 77.500-001F

Operated by Jean Drouin

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Blue whale test inflation

This is the fifth shape manufactured by RVB Balloons this year. The blue whale did his test inflation last thursday in very windy conditions. It will visit some festivals this and the following years.

RVB Balloons MB-25-12
sn MAB2013135

Operated by RVB Balloons

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Galinha Pintadinha is alive

News from Brazil again. Marcos Bonimcontro from RVB Balloons manufactured this chicken with the name "Galinha Pintadinha". It's a famous Brazilian TV Musical cartoon and in English his name is "Lottie Dottie Chicken".

RVB Balloons SS-30-GP
sn MAB2014145

Operated by Warley Macedo

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Baby dino is born

Two days ago this baby dino was born in Brazil. The balloon has a volume of 2700m³ and will participate at the International balloonfestival of Saint Jean Sur Richelieu (Canada).


Operated by Ricardo de

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High Kitty is ready

In february we announced the design of Michael Loy's new balloon. This morning High Kitty made his first testflight at Porto Feliz, Sao Paulo (Brazil.)

RVB Balloons

Operated by Michael Loy

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Jesus World Cup balloon

Today Australia’s Sportsbet launched this giant Jesus hot-air balloon which is a replica of Brazil’s famous landmark. More information can be found at the website from Cameron Balloons..

Cameron G-RAIL-90
sn 11808

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Brazilian frog

Today this Brazilian frog made his maidenflight at the "Festival de Balonismo de Torres". It's piloted by Luiz Paulo and is available for festivals around the world. Thanks to blogbalonismo for the pictures.

AirFly AF-SS-14
sn LP2013-02

Operated by Air Fly balloons

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Little Screech

Last friday another Brazilian balloon made his first flight. Marcos from RVB Balloons created this fantastic owl for Valdemir Taveira who will visit the Albuaquerque International Balloon Fiesta on october with it. The owl has a volume of 3000m³.

RVB Balloons SS-30-LS
sn MAB2014142

Operated by Valdemir Taveira

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Last saturday the new Brazilian clown manufactured bij RVB Balloons made his test flight in Brazil. It will be operated by Kenny Shumate from Orlando, Florida (USA).

RVB Balloons SS-30-KC
sn MAB2014141

Operated by Kenny Shumate

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Pirate cat

Another cat for pilot Benjamin Senn from Switzerland. The first drawing was made by his little son. This third cat is manufactured to celebrate Benjamin his 1000th flight. Picture is from the test flight at the Ultra Magic factory and within a few weeks the Pirate cat will make his maidenflight in Switzerland.

Ultra Magic M-105 SS
sn 105/197

Operated by Senn Ballonfahrten

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For their 15th Birthday Exclusive Ballooning published a competition to search for a simple special shaped balloon. Last year in november the winning drawing was published and Ultra Magic started with the project to build the lightest special shaped balloon ever manufactured. Some days ago the balloon was test inflated in Spain. The whole story about Puddles can be found at

Ultra Magic

Operated by Exclusive

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Last wednesday this giant bird called Dodo made his maidenflight in Camden, Australia. Dodo is a Australian brand who offers services for internet, phone, insurance and electricity. The balloon will be operated by Goldrush Ballooning in conjunction with ColourSpace Aviaition.

Cameron Dodo 105
sn 11789

Operated by ColourSpace

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iconic Owl

The Owl special-shape hot-air balloon idea, came from Mr Maco Oiwa who wanted to highlight the fact, that in Japan this huge and beautifully feathered creature is endangered due to a restriction of its natural habitat and its staple diet, the river fish of the Hokkaido region. This inventive campaign raises awareness and is a powerful way to capture thoughts and imagination as the photographs of the20 metre balloon being tethered and flown are spread through the news and social media.

SN 11971

Operated by Maco Oiwa

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Kiss me, I'm a prince

This week Koen Audenaert from Cameron Balloons Belgium made the first flight with his new toy "Prince". This regular balloon was redesigned this winter and some add ons where added. An easy way to make a special balloon from a regular one.

Cameron C-80
SN 11302

Operated by AB Ballonvaarten

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Solo bottle

Ultra Magic has manufacured a new bottle shaped balloon. Currently it is registered in Spain as EC-040 where it will make some flights for promotional photo's and filming. After that it will go to Norway where it will be registered as LN-CSB.

EC-040 (later LN-CSB)
Ultra Magic F9
SN F9/02

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High Kitty

You see them in every Chinese or Japanese restaurant. A cat beckoning with his upright paw. These figures called maneki-neko are usually made of ceramic and should bring good luck to the owner. Marcos from RVB Balloons made the design for Michael Loy's new balloon which will be ready later this year. The text on the necklace means "Cats don't like water".

RVB Balloons

Operated by Michael Loy